Lipp’s Current Setup:

1 TrapKat Pad controller (24 pads)
1 Apple MacBook Pro, OSX 10.8.5 8Gb RAM
M-Audio 1×1 Uno MIDI Interface

KaleidoPro (published by PGMusic)
MainStage 3.0 (published by Apple, Inc.)

Special thanks to Peter Gannon and Andrew Peckover at PGMusic for taking on Kaleido and to my comrades Alex Ustinov and Sergey Galin at Virartech for their technical skills, determination, and good humor. A huge thanks to David S.Mash at Berklee College of Music for his invaluable assistance –and patience — in educating me in all things digital and to keyboardist/producer extraordinaire Luis Resto for his insight and suggestions. Thanks as well to Mario DeCiutiis at Alternate Mode for all of his support and for making such great products.

Thanks to Junior Hansen Jr. and Michael Hauser: many thanks for your invaluable Web and Keynote design assistance (and support) and for your marketing expertise.

Special thanks to Steve Shepard for great support and great advice. A special nod Mainstage Wizard Bruce Nazarian, Andrew Eisner, Kevin O’Connell, Frank Martin, Gary Brown, Keith Johnson, Roy Galang, Tony Marvuglio and the Berklee@MacWorld Expo crew.

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